Let’s Gro
A unique inspirational festival about the future of Groningen
19, 20 en 21 november 2015


  • The future of the city decked out as a festival. That is in essence what Let’s Gro is. For three days the residents of Groningen will pore over the dynamics, the regeneration and the reinvention of the capital of the North. Todays city will no longer be the city of yesterday, but is this future really infallible? That is the fundamental question we ask during Let’s Gro.
  • Let’s Gro is unique in it’s kind. Free and accessible to everybody. A festival filled with initiatives, ideas and inspiration for and by the residentents, spread over 30 locations in the center of Groningen. With a wide range of subjects and in many different forms we will come to gether to create the Agenda for the Future for Groningen. Join in, participate, exchange ideas and meet new people. That’ss what we like to see at Let’s Gro!





Fantastic to see how many people want to turn ideas into action and seek to connect with others.

Let’s Gro creates a place
for creative people
and entrepreneurs
so they can show what they do.